Lets start from the beginning!

Everybody realizes that their pension will not be not enough to keep until death, whenever that happens. The problem is that it could be too long and what happens when you run out of money before you die! This is a PASSIVE income opportunity for you. You don’t have to know to trade you don’t have to do anything. The work is done for you. It is automated! If you are still interested read until the end. You can ask questions as many as you want ! Complete the “Contact me” form at the end of the page.

Try it all

Because I do have some business sense with technology background I thought that I need a income one of those that work while you sleep!

I started listening to webinars to start a business, affiliate marketing, bitcoin and so start a journey in a lot of different ways! But not really big success may be due to the diversity. They always preach that you must start only with one track/product etc

The Beginning

Then I also start my hand with Forex trading. Like everybody else, I worked with the “specialist” dealer at one of the thousands of dealer houses. I made some winnings then due to me having a full day job I left for home …. and this “dealer” closed some of my trades! And I lost a lot of money. Well anyway, I gave up and I saw recently this dealers house does not exist anymore.

December 2018 a friend that was also involved with Bitcoin contacted me with this opportunity ! It is also Forex trading but in this case I don’t need to watch the trades, it is using a “robot” to open and close. I immediately tried to found out how it work. And signed up for a Udemy course about it as it was on special. They actually called it “Expert Advisers” that are doing the trades for you.I also find out that it is very technical and you need in dept knowledge of trading and the workings behind it.

My “Expert Advisers” were free with the course and are not so profitable. But my friends “Expert Advisers” are much better and a lot more profitable.

The real deal

You have to make a choice if you are bit scared and feel it is too risky we got the Conservative option. It is an initial investment of $1000 or more, which give you smaller winnings and losses! But still very profitable at an average rate of 14% (taken from a 2 Year average).

Remember this calculation is over a 2 year period but if you need some money you can withdraw the money anytime, as it is yours. It will only affect the outcome as shown below.

Conservative Option

Alternative option
Extract from the Dealing platform – Note the size of the bid’s. Very small

Accelerated Option

The other option is the Accelerated option. Much bigger winnings and losses. Luckily the algorithms are so that you won’t lose your money and it never happened, but with all tradings, you do get a few losses which not even a program can predict the future. The initial investment is $2000 or more …. A staggering average of 19% interest for this option!

Accelerated option
Extract from the Dealing platform – Bid’s much higher but also bigger income / bid


The first reaction I can hear from you is that it must be a scam or some Ponzi scheme or something out of this world!

But no this is for real. And a lot of people make big money from this. The question I get is but why spread the word and not drive nice cars and big houses!. The dealer managing this also need some money and therefore the industry standard is that the dealer takes profit sharing of 50%. If not profit then no pay! Well it is a lot of money but you going to make a lot of money, take it if you pay $5000 profit sharing you making $5000!

Well there is a solution to this, if you share this to 10 of your friends and they also start to deal you don’t do profit sharing for 6 months! And that is good money. Other options also exist but that means you must have a big account!

The second response I get is that I am going to lose my money, well I don’t blame you, there are a lot of cheaters in this world. Remember you will be opening an account at a dealer house, where you will deposit your money. Nobody would be able to withdraw any money. The dealer got another account which he will only be able to trade (buy & sell) with your money. All profits will be in your account.



It is very easy to start and I will help you all the way.

  • Sign up to the dealer network. Click on link
  • Complete all required info
  • Deposit your money!
  • Inform me as soon as done so I can pass-on the info and lets the trading start


Now you can dream and plan that holiday!