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Multi-tasking or what most people will call juggling tasks is an important skill necessary to keep ahead in our modern
world. There are too many tasks to remember at the same time or within a space of 24 hours. You need the right tool to track your To-Do’s and your Smartphone with the right application can ease you of the stress. With your Smartphone, you can stay afloat of the sea of tasks ahead of you. There are numerous applications out there that can do this but end up as junks, making your life harder.

In a search for the right To-Do application, Yubto came into the scene and became the much-needed help of solving multiple tasks. You have tried out a couple of the Todo list
applications in Google Playstore and find them difficult to understand. Yubto is indeed a simple Todo list application around, with an understandable user interface that makes you understand the usage from first use.

One feature makes Yubto unique, the multi-user nature of the application. Whether you are a team of professionals
with tasks to accomplish or a large family that needs to get things done, Yubto is what you all need. There’s no need driving to the grocery store many times to get something, all you need is for someone to update the need and you get it
done at once. Yubto is a paid app but have a free version that allows up to three multi users. Even allows two groups to be created, that means adding three different people to the two groups. For example, you can add a group comprising of your husband and oldest child, while you create another group for two other friends to communicate.

The scenarios you can utilize Yubto is so numerous, just think of what you need it for, and make it happen. The paid versions allow you to add unlimited users, a perfect choice for an employer to get things done faster and better. You won’t need a college degree to operate this application like most others in Google Playstore, even your 10-year-old will understand how to use the application. By simply adding items to the list, anyone can get the task done and mark it complete. You can correct mistakes in the application, for instance, if you intend to carry out a task and could not while you have already marked it done. Just go back to the history, with a click, it will return to the list.

Get started with Yubto to feel how simple yet efficient the application performs.




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